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Sure! Tania has the whole city she comes back to from time to time, once a year or so. She assumes that city streets were constructed with help of her childhood memories about the suburbs she lived in and about her home city as she had seen it when she was small. That city is not alike with her home city, but it has somehow same sentiment. And as for Roman's regular dreams he is snowboarding from time to time.

When i'm really stressed, i'll often have the same dream that i'm back at school repeating exams i've already taken years ago - so I normally feel really relieved to wake up! Not the most exciting compared to your dream-states... ha ha! In comparison, do you ever have any significant reoccurring imagery in your dreams such as objects or locations?

Photographic duo Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven, otherwise known as Synchrodogs, are a creative force to be reckoned with, as they continue to take both the fine art and fashion world by storm! Hot 'N' Gold magazine feels honored to have a chat with them about their latest work 'Reverie Sleep' as we get a chance to discuss dream analogy, animal reincarnation and the current political crisis in Ukraine.

All images Copyright © 2014 Synchrodogs

Hello Synchrodogs, Hot 'N' Gold fell in love with your photographic practice since stumbling across your book entitled 'Byzantine' back in 2012 - firstly what a fantastic series! More recently though you've been working on a project surrounding dreams, can you talk us through the narrative behind 'Reverie Sleep'?

Reverie sleep project is based on our dreams, those we have seen in drowsiness. The project deals with the stage of Non Rapid Eye Movement sleep, during which some people may experience hypnagogic hallucinations caused by natural process of falling asleep. Experimenting with those lucid dreaming techniques we usually woke ourselves up in the middle of the night to make a note of what we had just seen, gathering our dreams to be staged afterwards.

Recording dreams can often be quite an interesting exercise, as it can sometimes reveal inner desires or anxieties. Did you learn anything new about yourselves throughout the process?

During several previous years we discovered some truly spiritual things that became an important part of our life. Dreams were among such. The other important thing was connected with stones and those different kinds of energy every stone delivers. Sometimes Tania puts her big Amethyst under the pillow to see her dreams more clearly.

You've made quite an impact on the fashion world with your unique aesthetic! Is there anyone in particular you would love to collaborate with in the future?

We only know that we would like to work with global international brands and designers as they usually have opportunity to organize everything properly, make scenery and create props for shooting, book professional model and team.

Having worked in collaboration now since 2008, you must have quite a good laugh together whilst making images. What is one the funniest or most memorable things that has happened to you whilst on shoot?

Actually there is less fun during shootings than during life. Shootings are something that we are concentrated on. As for life situations connected with photography there was everything: running from policemen across mountains in Turkey, hiding from the guard the whole day to make a shot while one guardian is changing the other one, sitting on ice for 20 minutes not moving while the sun disappeared behind the cloud: believe me - all accompanied by lots of fun!

What would you consider your own individual strengths to be?

Our strength is in our love for life, our love for people, love for Earth.

Have you ever experimented with working in different mediums - such as film/video? Does this interest you?

Sure! We love shooting videos, tried doing it for personal purposes only, but will try it professionally some day. We feel we can create something strong if we have some strict aim.

Okay, so you're both from Ukraine which is in political turmoil at the moment. Can you tell us more about that?

As you may know its a very difficult time for Ukraine now, we just had a revolution, the main achievement of which was that we finally got rid of our criminal president and heavily corrupted government, we just started seeing a light at the end of he tunnel. But it appeared to be impossible for Kremlin to see how its neighbor is getting better, how Ukraine is gaining it's real independence. As a result we have to fight dirty russian propaganda (which keeps lying that Ukraine is full of extremists and radical Nazi), there are near 30 000 russian militaries in Ukraine at the moment, near 3000 russian citizens that regularly make provocations and put russian flags everywhere yelling 'Putin save us' pretending they are ukrainians, hundreds of prepaid criminals that beat journalists and steal activists, all ukrainian TV channels are switched off in Crimean peninsula, Russian TV channels are working instead (lying to ukrainians that extremists from West and from Kiev would come and kill their families).

Kremlins main aim is to separate Ukraine and get peninsula added to Russia, only then they can keep influencing decisions made by our government. All we want at the moment is our country to finally cut this Gordian knot, gain real freedom and at last start developing itself, not defending from our 'big brother'. Of course we would like to travel all over the world but we are proud to be Ukrainians. During this revolution ('Revolution of Dignity' as we call it) we realized one important thing - there are more good people in the world then bad people. All ukrainian nation gathered together to show that they care, they made their own hospitals in churches to cure injured people (as churches were the only places that policemen were afraid to shoot in or to steal people), they were cooking food for millions of people that stood on Main square and delivered it on foot from extremely far distances (as underground was closed by criminal government to prevent revolution), they were running to save their injured brothers at gunpoint when governmental snipers were shooting both protesters without weapon and policemen (for statistics), more then hundred heroes died, 500 are still in hospitals fighting for their lives. And after all this nightmare we hear from Russia we all are Nazi! Please, have some God in your heart! We hope the world is not crazy to believe this bullshit. We love Ukraine and we all pray for it now!

All images Copyright © 2014 Synchrodogs

If you had the option to reincarnate as a pair of animals, would you be dogs or something else?

Dogs are good, but they are not wild enough, they are friends of people. If we were animals we would be cheetahs.

What excites you most about 2014?

The opportunity that life gives to humanity - reconsider its attitude towards life, develop itself spiritually. This year ahead should become a good school of life, as people should at last realize that they can not keep going inert, they should make their own impact. For us this year started with a strong flow of energy and understanding of what is important in life. First and main lesson for us this year was to share. Share everything: share money, share food, share warm shoes with protesters, share chocolate with children, share truthful news with the rest of the world, share good mood with friends that start to loose hope concerning Ukrainian revolution to end peacefully.

Finally, three music recommendations!

One good for sleeping: The Landing - Anxieties


One good for a 30 minute shower: Hesk – Take It Slow Vol. 2


One good for walking: King Krule – Cementality (Nautiluss Refix)