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Hello Nadja! Whereabouts are you from? How long have you been exploring photography?

I am from Switzerland born and raised, a quarter American from my grandma’s side. I was always interested in taking images, I grew up with analogue cameras and still work only with them. I was never good in letting go of anything, so through burning the images on film I had a chance to keep things forever, memories, images.

You have a great eye for architectural space! Talk us through your fantasy home?

My style and technique of how I take images is really far away from architectural photographers, I always try to show pieces of what I see, I never have the target to show something it its ‘best light’. My dream home would change every season, sometimes modern, sometimes old European, sometimes just a hammock on the beach… but the fantasy is always at the beach.

I see colour, l live colour, I love colour – it attracts me the most, no matter the shape. I could not work in black and white. It’s just not how I see the world.

How does colour inform your practice?

What’s the best thing you’ve bought recently?

A pioneer mixer.

Who are some of your favourite artists?

My all time favourite is William Eggleston.

Besides photography, what else are you passionate about?

Rap and fashion.

What's a good track to get an after-party started?

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