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Hello Mathieu - Hot 'N' Gold stumbled across your kaleidoscopic glitches several months ago and would love to know more! Firstly, where are you from and what inspired you to start exploring Glitch art?

I'm originally from Montreal, Canada but now I've been living in South Korea for nearly 8 years. I've always been interested in experimental videos since college. After studying experimental cinema and art at university I wanted to make some films but gave uppretty quickly, that was back in 2003-2004. Around 2010 I came across Takeshi Murata's "Pink Dot" which blew my mind! From then I started experimenting with glitches and looked on the internet for other artists with the same passion. At the time, there were a few very interesting Flickr groups where I started posting.

What can an audience learn from watching glitches,
video compression and other forms of digital noise?

Glitch art somehow already caught the mainstream's appeal that’s for sure, how many times have I seen “cool” glitch effects in movies, music videos and even video games? With those mediums it's usually associated with speed and coolness. However, as a form of art the audiencecan question the technology itself and the wired world we live in. With popular online medias such as Youtube or Facebook, the more we are exposed to technology, the more we are likely to encounter glitches. From an artistic point of view, glitches can also be simply beautiful and colorful!

Your series 'Melting Ice Cream' is visually hypnotic! Can you talk us through its concept?

I was experimenting with various layers in Sony Vegas. I superimposed HD videos of my wife that I previously glitched with another program, after messing around with some parameters I was able to come up with those rich colors and very unique waving pattern. It was interesting to go from a very high definition image to something completely abstract and colorful.

Hot 'N' Gold believes that it can sometimes be pleasurable to corrupt things digitally, as it could allow a sense of superiority over technology... Do you find the glitching process therapeutic psychologically in any way?

I love glitching and creating images. I think that it also involves a lot of hazard (the magic of glitch art) especially if you work from video files. What I usually do (my therapy) is I make a very strong cup of black coffee and crank up the music, that helps me create for hours!

For artists who want to begin experimenting with Glitch art, what software can you recommend?

It depends if you are on Mac or PC I guess, but overall I would definitely recommend people to check for tutorials on Youtube or visit some Facebook pages dedicated to glitch art, like "Glitch Artists Collective" which I've started about a year ago.

Finally, can you recommend our readers a really good song that equally explores audio-glitch?

I'm not too familiar with audio-glitch but I will drop a previous collaborator's name; Benjamin Schlegel who helped me in the past with one of my videos that needed a soundtrack. There's also very interesting and atmospheric stuff on Soundcloud such as Chrissy Core's Cc2


Hot 'N' Gold is always on the look out for artists that experiment with the ever-evolving digital canvas. The work of Mathieu St Pierre explores the possibilities of technology as he uses video corruption, data manipulation and various file formats to create pixelated landscapes that convey a sense of electronic beauty. Currently based in South Korea, we chat to the artist about glitching, abstraction and melting ice-cream...

'Murano'  Copyright © 2014 Mathieu St-Pierre

'Melting Ice Cream' Copyright © 2014 Mathieu St-Pierre