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All images © 2014 L.H. Selman Ltd.

Hello! I just wanted to share with all you lovely people the colorful beauty that can be found within antique glass paperweights. As objects, they have fascinated me since childhood, as my Granny had quite a good collection at her house in Caithness, Scotland - where a lot of glass-blowing production originates from. Their compositions have an almost kaleidoscopic allure - glass is a really great medium as it heightens the performance of colour due to its translucent nature. My favorite design is the Millefiori technique, which is a distinct decorative pattern. The Italian name translates as 'a thousand flowers.' Recently, I've discovered a great paper-weight gallery based in Chicago, L.H. Selman Ltd, that both exhibits and sells a diverse range of vintage and contemporary fine-art glass paperweights. To view their extensive collection - you can visit their website at: www.theglassgallery.com